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    Processing A New Reality

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    Running The New Reality


    We’ve been surfing a life wave that has taken us from Happy Days of the 1950′s to Purple Haze and the 60′s. Moving from acid to antacid we lived through the 70′s,80′s and 90′s watching the world move from hope, peace and love to a ride through disco-mania and Wall Street where expensive clothes, cars, houses, wine and luxury became the new utopian dream.

    All the while, the dream-seed that was planted 40 years ago never died. The gestation period is now over. The flower is blossoming in ways we never could have imagined. The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind.

    This time it is for real. When minds were opening and true reality was being experienced by many, there would always be the inevitable return to where we were before the trip happened. This time there are no drugs involved. It isn’t necessary to chemically stimulate our systems anymore. There is a naturally occurring change happening and we are in the midst of processing the new.

    The Way, the Truth and the Life are appearing simultaneously across the earth. How we individually deal with the great change will be our life we experience. Holding on to the old ways will be a difficult journey. Entering the flow of the new reality will be as easy as we allow change to happen.

    The way is just like this. Whatever you are doing, do it perfectly. To do something perfectly is to do it without the self absorption of I, my, me mindedness. The truth is Correct Information. Correct Information produces Correct Output. Your life becomes completely natural. Intuitive living replaces confusion.

    We live from our true nature which is joyousness. Finding the treasure hidden in our own human energy field, we become our own light. We instinctively know what to do every time, all the time. Our attention is on the heaven spread out across the earth and inside of us. We see the good that is everywhere and within everyone while living in the same world we’ve been living in. All that changes is our self- reference point.

    How we see the world and our circumstances changes for the better as soon as who and what we reference when we say “I” moves onto a larger I-ness. From a larger, expanded perspective, we can see our own, and other’s, problems as glitches in the system. Now we have better data to process. All problems become manageable when seen from the shift in consciousness that occurs when you move off of I, my, me mindedness and onto your higher self reference point.

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  • Megan snarled at the dumb dog before she pitched in to help Esther. She tsked, You always get irritable when I show up. She swirled her glass of Brandy in her glass pretending to be interested in it.
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    Even though she did feel a bit safe in the hospital with all the staff present and the nurse s station just a few paces down the hall, she still couldn t shake the images of Lucas and the eyes of the monster that chased her. Copyright 2009 Ruth Ann Nordin V1.0 ISBN 1448607493 EAN-139781448607495 Cover Photo Copyright Shutterstock Images LLC. Cole took the cool glass and took a long swallow, enjoying the way the liquid tasted.

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  • Shouldn t she be a little wary of this stranger? It is a replica of Bernini s Triton Fountain located in Piazza Barberini in Rome.

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  • Hello dear brother and I do mean that in the most relative of sense. He never once suspected that she d retreat like a turtle hiding in its shell.

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    Trying to help the self is like a dog chasing its tail. Identifying with a troubled self that is looking for help is a never ending pursuit. The self doesn’t have problems that must be solved. The self is the problem. At least the self you imagine yourself to be.

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  • It was the most precious thing Charlotte owned, worth far more within her sentiments than any price it might fetch at a pawnshop, and she did not intend to surrender it to him. She told him what had just happened and watched an expression of concern and something akin to guilt cross his features.
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  • Believe it or not, she was well-read and we spent the bulk of our time talking about literature. I don t need you to use me, just to try and get the upper hand on Linda!
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    She was daydreaming while munching half consciously on a French fry. It wasn t like she d dated anyone like that before. He stepped near her, close enough that she felt the weight of his hips buckle her pannier inward slightly.

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  • Gabriel was out inspecting the grounds when Jason found him. She probably 74 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story couldn t even remember any of their names, but this man she couldn t forget, even with the brief crossing of paths.
  • Freedom from your imaginary self and your obsession with being that “person” takes up all of your time and energy. There is no time left for you to sit silently and just feel good.

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  • There were thousands of his kind, and for her not to be discovered by one of them floored him. She bet he was a good lover too, if fact, by the way he was around woman, it was a given. Please wait until I m not around to be a busybody.
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    They are good people doing God's work and helping poor children learn to read, write, cipher. He loved it when Lucas gave him total freedom over situations such as this. She just didn t want to get Elsa s hopes up.

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  • He growled as his veins seared with her innocent blood. She worked very hard to escape her past, and that was all that seemed to matter, until now.

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  • The new wind is alive and blowing over the entire earth. Will you bend and grow, or stiffen and break? We are being shown every day that what we thought was permanent and very real is nothing but our imagination. Garbage in – garbage out. The old reality has broken down and it is losing its power over us. There has never been a better time to awaken then now – right where you are.

    There is no need to search for the answer to a problem that only exists in your mind. See the truth and when you do, the truth will make you free. Letting go and realizing we are one with the wave we are riding will make this the first generational wave that arrives at the other show awake.

    Reach within yourself and you will find comfort, guidance and everything that you ever wanted and will ever need. Locate your wonderful self inside, recognize others who are expressing the new spirit rushing through their life. Hit refresh. Reboot yourself. Heaven arrives here when critical mass is reached – when enough of us are vibrating the goodness that is our nature.

    The dark magicians have power when our attention is misdirected and manipulated. Their spell has been broken, not by our efforts, but through grace. It is the awakening time. Allow the new spirit to flow through you in all that you do. This is effortless once your self reference point moves off of your little troubled self and onto your true self. Seek, and you will find the wondrous spirit we all share and the individual expression of that spirit in all that you do.








    I lived through the 60′s and enjoyed almost all of it. The music, the art, the writing, the spirit of fun and peace, the  consciousness expansion….a whirl of color, sound and good vibes. Now, I am living in this age, still a little crazy and a little gray…..a true “grayzie”.

     I know there are many us still alive and kicking who made it through the 60′s and still have the spirit of those days within. I hope to connect with you and have some fun!

    Enjoy the site and remember to have fun and love one another! Yes, it is still possible to do both those things. In fact it is a case of now, more than ever. Spread the good spirit and send some good vibes out across the network of life.


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  • He wasn t going to shrivel up and cower in the corner anymore and watch while other men enjoyed their lives. As one of the master s pack set to guard the girl, his height was distinguishable yet through experience he managed to conceal himself from the women and took up a position below them to watch between the seats. Sadira s smile faded a little, obviously not happy to be turned down, but her words or voice did not reflect her disappointment, Yes Mistress, if that is your wish.

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    Lady Epping exclaimed, her voice ripping to shrill, outraged levels. Now she must come to terms with what she wanted and needed.

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